This website is a combination of UI elegance and UX harmony, crafted to take users on a delightful journey through stunning interior and exterior designs, beautiful lighting concepts, and unique furniture creations. It’s a go-to place for simple, yet extraordinary, architectural solutions that feels just right.





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User Persona

Crafting user personas for the DeLumin website is a pivotal stage in comprehending and catering to the diverse needs of our audience. These detailed personas serve as insightful representations of potential users, guiding our design and communication strategies to ensure a personalized and enriching experience for each visitor.

Learning about DeLumin users helped shape our website to match their preferences. These personas guided decisions on design and features, ensuring a personalized experience for every visitor.

User Flow

Exploring the DeLumin website is a seamless experience. Users can effortlessly navigate through designs, make decisions, and easily reach out for more information.

Satisfied customers often leave reviews to share their positive experiences, so that potential customers can explore these feedbacks to discover the impact DeLumin has had on their home design journeys.


In wireframing our DeLumin website, my meticulous process prioritises user experience, strategically mapping out intuitive navigation and showcasing our diverse design portfolios.

The discovery phase intertwines seamlessly, ensuring that every wireframe decision aligns with our unique design philosophy, resulting in a digital platform that mirrors the sophistication of their architectural, lighting, and furniture projects.