I collaborated on a web application project for Enpro, focusing on user-friendly design and innovative features, creating a digital platform for marketing and distributing ventilation and air distribution solutions.




Web Application

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User Persona

By immersing myself in the perspectives of Enpro’s potential users for the web application dedicated to ventilation and air distribution solutions, I honed my capacity to fine-tune the platform to align with their unique demands and anticipations. This approach allowed for the creation of a more personalized and engaging experience for those in search of effective ventilation solutions through Enpro.

The development process benefited significantly from this user persona, as it acted as a compass, guiding my decision-making on features, design aspects, and communication strategies.

User Flow

I’ve outlined a user flow that aims to make it straightforward for the users to browse through ventilation and air distribution¬† solutions. The goal is to offer a user-friendly experience, so that they can effortlessly find the solution that best fits their needs


In the early wireframing phase, I created basic layouts to establish the fundamental structure of the web app. These low-fidelity wireframes helped me map out key elements and user interactions, providing a clear foundation for feedback and iterative design adjustments.

Progressing from basic wireframes, I refined the design iteratively, incorporating user feedback and stakeholder input. This mid-fidelity approach allowed me to improve usability, optimize user flows, and create an intuitive interface for Enpro’s ventilation solution web app.