MSD Adriatic

Web application project that combines user-friendly interface and innovative functionalities to deliver an exceptional digital experience adapted to the needs of diverse users.


MSD Adriatic


Web Application

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User Persona

By delving into the mindset of potential users for the MSD Adriatic web application for booking speed boat tours, I improved my ability to customize the platform to meet their distinct needs and expectations, ultimately delivering a more personalized and captivating experience for those seeking Adriatic boat adventures.

These user personas functioned as a guiding light throughout the development process of the application, empowering me to make well-informed choices regarding features, design elements, and communication strategies.

User Flow

I crafted a comprehensive user flow that navigates users seamlessly, enhancing their journey from discovery to booking. The user flow optimizes the tour agency’s digital experience, ensuring intuitive interactions and efficient conversion paths.


I meticulously created wireframes that sculpted the foundation of the MSD Adriatic Speedboat Tour agency’s digital presence, translating user needs into structured and intuitive layouts.

These wireframes served as the blueprint for a user-centered interface that maximizes usability and engagement.

Final Results